NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – As more people depend on their smartphones, more criminals are targeting the technology.

Whether it’s spyware in text messages, apps with security vulnerabilities, or cyberattacks against mobile banking, they’re getting increasingly creative with how to use your smartphone against you.

Last year marked an explosion in the volume and sophistication on cyberattacks targeting our mobile devices, according to security firm McAfee.

In one case involving T-Mobile customers, SIM cards that enable phone service were hacked. Criminals then used that information to trick the company into giving them control of those accounts. From there, in some cases, hackers got into mobile banking accounts.

Another type of attack can bypass a key security measure, called two-factor authentication, used by banks, email providers and more.

A third way tricks people into downloading apps laced with spyware that are nearly identical to legitimate apps.

So what can you do to better protect your mobile devices?

Install phone-specific security software to guard against viruses and data loss, and keep it up to date.

Download only reputable applications from a known app store.

Check your bank statements, paying particular attention to any mobile transactions.

Lastly, avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi and turn off the automatic Wi-Fi connecting feature.

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