It’s going to be a balmy one out there for November 1: our normal high is 59°, but we’re going for 70° if you can believe it! So while warm weather lovers rejoice, fall lovers, you’re just going to have to wait a little longer.

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Clouds fill back in tonight, especially late, with showers spreading into NJ and the Hudson Valley. But towards dawn, even the city will start to get a little wet, so have an umbrella if you’re heading out early.

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The showers will maintain a presence through early tomorrow morning before the activity thins out a bit. That’s not to say it will stay completely dry though, so keep an umbrella handy. Outside of that, our temps will make another run for about 70°, so keep the clothing comfortable.

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Showers will become more widespread tomorrow night into Saturday morning and appear to be heavy at times. That said, there’s an elevated flood risk around the area, so do be mindful of that. But for the remainder of the day Saturday, the activity should wind down with perhaps a leftover shower. Otherwise, expect steady or even falling temps with cooler, blustery conditions in place.