It’s a dull sight out there this afternoon, but with a little luck, we could see a peek or two of sunshine. However, showers will remain in the forecast, so if you head out, it would be wise to have that umbrella. Outside of that, expect another unseasonably warm afternoon with temps topping out at about 70°.

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There’s more in the way of excitement tonight as showers — and heavy showers at that — stream into our area out of the south. And run after run, we’re seeing the potential for a pretty substantial part of the area seeing 1-2″ of rain, and even more locally. That said, flooding will be a concern, especially late tonight into early tomorrow morning.

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Expect relatively weak showers tomorrow morning before we see them exit into the midday and afternoon hours. But the more impressive feature tomorrow will be the tight pressure gradient over our area for a good chunk of the day. What this translates to is strong and potentially damaging winds that could knock out power — we’re talking 50-60 mph gusts. The good news is, these winds will subside into the evening and overnight hours and become considerably calm by Sunday morning.

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As for the day on Sunday, it will be rather chilly out there, but boy, what a beauty it will be!