NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The smart features on today’s car are designed to keep you safe.

But a AAA report shows they’re also significantly increasing the cost of repairs.

A minor fender bender can come with a major repair tag, thanks to all those high-tech options available in cars today, CBS2’s Alex Denis reports.

The owner of one Honda CRV hit a deer. The damage didn’t look that bad, but the cost of repair has jumped in the past five years because of technology.

“A minor impact like this, you’d be talking $1,000, $1,200 give or take. Nowadays, you’re looking upwards of $3,000,” said Adam Rempfer, of De Falco’s Auto Repair.

He said that’s because the car has a front collision sensor.

Many vehicles now have the technology that can help prevent a crash. But the AAA study found those high-tech features can double, sometimes even triple, repair costs.

The sensors are all around today’s vehicles. For cars with front cameras, even a minor chip in a windshield may lead to a costly replacement.

“If you look closely, there’s a camera right up top. A minor crack that might not bother a person could blind the camera,” Rempfer said.

Many of the repairs are covered by insurance, but drivers may be forced to pay more out of pocket.

“Because it’s going to be that much more expensive, it might lead to a higher insurance premium every month,” said Robert Sinclair Jr., of AAA.

Once the car is repaired, its computer will also need to be re-calibrated to make sure it’s working properly.

Whether it’s a chipped windshield or a banged up bumper, chances are you’ll also have to replace the fragile and expensive components lying underneath.