NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – So many of us have tons of stuff we just can’t get rid of.

But what if those things squirreled away in crawl spaces or attics are worth some serious cash?

CBS2’s Dick Brennan found out what you need to look for to see if you have hidden treasures.

For John Jabra, owner of 21st Century Music and Collectibles in New Jersey, a typical day might mean buying a rare Batmobile.

“This one is in nice shape so I gave the gentlemen $60,” Jabra said.

Snagging a first edition Hess truck however, “this is worth $700.”

What about making an offer on a lifetime collection of record albums?

“Six thousand records, that’s 3,500 pounds,” Jabra added.

He’s an expert at knowing what to buy and how it will sell. He paid $1,500 for the collection.

Your old comic book collection? It may be valuable, but condition counts too. Jabra says rare albums can be worth hundreds.

“The thing that really holds its value are coins.”

Certain stamps and baseball cards are still in demand. Some toys and games from your childhood too.

CBS2 followed Jabra as he checked out a doll collection stored in an attic.

“The first thing I look at is the dolls are all loose, the second thing is the age.”

The collector says not every discovery yields big bucks.

“Right now they don’t have much value,” Jabra said about the dolls.

He added other favorites collecting dust in your attic should probably stay there too. Beanie babies, Cabbage Patch dolls, and Hummels have all lost value.

So what else can you cash in on?

A lot when you look around one antique mall in Paramus, New Jersey – where they buy, sell, and appraise your treasures.

One seller had an impressive collection of Red Line hot wheels that brought hundreds, but he got less than he hoped from his father’s Zorro collection.

Another seller tearfully parted with her grandfather’s trucks stored in her garage.

“A little sad,” Cheryl Caporaso said.

She felt a little better when she learned they were worth almost $800.

Experts recommend that you do your research before you sell. They add that even the rarest stuff isn’t so rare anymore; everything is just a click away online.


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