NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Nearly half the homes in the United States are shared with a pet, likely a dog or cat.

Now, a growing number of homeowners are going out of their way to make living conditions more comfortable for their furry friends, giving new meaning to creature comforts with some unbelievable architectural designs for their animals.

From a staircase designed specifically and solely for the dog, to a coffee table that serves as both a place to put your feet and a catnip plant feeder, these are some of the latest and most clever designs for pets, according to Amanda Sims, of Architectural Digest’s channel, Clever.

“My personal favorite example is just there’s this whole genre of what’s called ‘catios,’ which is basically a patio specifically designed for a cat,” she told CBS2’s Alex Denis.

Not to mention custom doghouses constructed into the actual framework of a house, pools shaped like bones, and functional furniture serving both the pet and his or her owner.

“There’s no limit to the amount people will spend on their pets, which is very obvious,” Sims said. “So these things get very high end and very complicated.”

It’s part of a trend – homeowners looking to cohabitate with their pets a little more tastefully. You see it all over social media under hashtags like #doghouse and #cathouse.

So why are people going through all these extra renovations?

“If you build a little nook for your dog to have a bed in the wall, it’s going to look more like it’s supposed to be there than kind of your loud-colored pet bed that you put in the middle of all your nice furniture,” said Sims.

Alexandria Kalita is an interior designer who has a number of pet owners as clients.

“The more you accommodate them, the more they’ll stay away from what you want them to stay away from,” she said.

Her designs incorporate what both the owner and the pet want, like floating bookshelves.

“People have no problem going to great lengths for their pets,” Sims added.

They don’t mind spending money, either. Most of those renovations cost thousands of dollars.


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