NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – What happened with Thursday’s snowstorm?

CBS2’s Lonnie Quinn told CBS This Morning, “there are two aspects to every storm: there’s intensity and there’s track.”

“Now, the track of the storm we were spot on with. The intensity, you know, caught us off guard,” he continued. “Basically, this storm created its own cold air – that can happen out there – and what happens is it did not turn over to rain.”

When asked whether New York City officials should have been more prepared, Quinn replied, “I’ll say this much, the lowest numbers that were ever tossed out there were 1 to 2 inches. It ended up being 4 to 6 inches. So you make that call, right?” he said. “They knew snow was coming, we all knew snow was coming.”

So is the storm behind us?

“The worst is definitely over. I will say we’ve got wind coming up today and then after today, it’s going to be a smooth run in this area right to Thanksgiving,” Quinn said.

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