WESTFIELD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – While most people have the day off to relax with friends and family, many people still go to work on Thanksgiving.

The Westfield firehouse was fully staffed with volunteers on call; ready to respond to any emergency anyone might have this Thanksgiving. It’s actually one of the busiest days of the year and turkey fires are not unusual.

Fire chief Jim Ryan says their squad is like family.

“A lot of guys have brothers, fathers, uncles, cousins… a lot of us are used to family members working the holidays,” Ryan told CBS2’s Meg Baker.

Members of the Westfield fire department. (Credit: CBS2)

Westfield resident Andrew Gorbunoff took a moment to reflect and show respect for individuals he noticed serving the community Thursday.

“I know it’s rough, I know people want to get home to their family and have a great Thanksgiving.”

Jeff Warsh forgot parchment paper for his holiday cooking, but have no fear, grocery store workers to the rescue!

“I’ve worked on Thanksgiving many days in my life… delivering wine and spirits to liquor stores, so I know what it’s like. To all you people who have to work on thanksgiving – thank you,” Warsh said.

Without gas station attendants holiday travelers wouldn’t be able to get where they are going in the Garden State.

“Really thankful for people working today,” Lana Marhefka added.