NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Preparing the home for the holiday season means more than putting up decorations for Lucy McGuirk.

“The home is 100 years old,” said the Bay Ridge resident who has lived in the same house for 80 years.

It’s tradition to have her trusted plumbing and heating company come in for annual maintenance before winter’s deep freeze.

Michael Petri of Petri Plumbing and Heating takes says to look to the boiler room of the basement as the main culprit when the heat goes out in your home. Sometimes the fix is simple.

“Make sure the switch is in the up position, make sure the water in the glass gauge is at the correct level,” he said. “This is the cold water cut off, the brains of the boiler, make sure the green light is on.”

November is also the time of year when frozen pipes become a concern. Your home is most susceptible when the temperatures drop and it’s really windy outside

“The big thing about frozen pipes is they generally freeze when there’s a draft on them,” said Petri. “If you’re worried, crack open the water lines, make water come out of the faucet and it won’t freeze.”

Homeowners should shut off all outside water lines and insulate those indoor lines.

To prevent damage, open the doors to the vanities below the kitchen and bathroom sinks to let warm air in.