NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Over a dozen dance groups faced off on Saturday in the 12th annual Turkey Day Battle in Brooklyn, showing off routines they’ve been working on all year in a battle for city-wide bragging rights.

The marching band from Parkside Preparatory academy was among the groups competing. Students age five to high school seniors can partake.

“I just want these kids to feel like they’re wanted,” Gregory Gatewood from Parkside Prep said. “They show a lot of dedication, determination, and drive.”

Long before the teams hit the competition floor, they spend hours putting the final touches on their routines. After school arts and culture program Brooklyn United says 15 organizations participate in the yearly competition they host.

It also serves as a time for parents to celebrate their children’s hard work. Brooklyn United encourages students to put the same emphasis on their academics as they do the arts.

“I’m pretty proud of my team because we’ve worked really hard, extremely hard. We’ve added new people to our team. We’ve just really pushed ourselves and didn’t think we could,” Ayanna Young from the New Wave Dancing Divas said.

Winners do get a small cash prize, but the teams say they’re focused more so on bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Organizers say the Golden Dancerettes from Queens walked away with the top prize this year.