NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – As you’re navigating gift giving this winter – from casual friends to co-workers – what’s appropriate?

CBS2’s Jessica Layton asked experts to find out who in your circle should get a gift this year.

The holiday markets and malls are already packed with people looking for the perfect presents for those in their social circles. The problem is sometimes we don’t know exactly who should be on the list.

“Anyone you’ve given to in the past,” etiquette expert Tom Farley said.

“Along the same lines make sure you don’t start a tradition – surprise someone with a gift you’ve never given to before.”

Farley is known as “Mr. Manners” and say if you’re casually dating someone you might scare them off with something too elaborate.

“If you wanna get something that shows you’ve been listening on your dates, keep it low value. Don’t overwhelm,” Farley explains.

What about co-workers?

“If you’re gonna get your bestie at work something don’t advertise it to the whole team. Maybe take her out for a drink or give her something after hours,” Jillian Quint of PureWow digital media company said.

How about the boss?

Not necessary says the experts, but if you do, keep it small and thoughtful.

These days more and more families are being up front about expectations. So if you set a budget, experts say stick to it.

“The rules exist for a reason and there’s so much room for people to feel anxious during the holiday season, why add one more reason?” Quint adds.

The bottom line is that giving a gift is supposed to make you and the person you’re buying for feel good. A little bit of thought can go a long way.