BROOKHAVEN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A group of volunteers are rehabilitating a home for the holidays, and for one veteran in need, it will be a surprise gift.

A search is underway to find just the right military family, reports CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan.

A modest-looking ranch in the Town of Brookhaven is bursting inside with energy and goodwill thanks to an assembly line of volunteers from the community providing their skills and donating labor, time, materials.

The goal of the Fairway Corporation Foundation’s Purple Heart Campaign is to help veterans facing obstacles when returning to civilian life

“It’s amazing to see so many people really wanting to help,” said Steve Probst of the Fairway Foundation.

Scouts, schoolchildren and their families are among those who pledged $1 each, enough for the non-profit to buy a house in disrepair.

It is still unknown just which Long Island veteran will be awarded this home.

TO APPLY: Veterans Home Giveaway

There is now a holiday search underway to find just the right deserving service man or woman.

“We are asking everyone to reach out to the veterans that they know to see if there is a post-9-11 Purple Heart recipient that would need a home,” said Rosemarie Kluepfel of the Fairway Foundation.

Vietnam veteran Joe Cognitore knows what that could mean to a family.

“This opportunity here puts a veteran and their family in a position where they can live in the neighborhood have their children go to school here and afford it,” he said.

The Purple Heart house will be ready for Christmas.