EDGEWATER, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Millennials in New Jersey top a new list from the U.S. Census Bureau, saying they’re the most likely in the country to be living with their parents.

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Anastasia Rosip is 26-years-old and just moved out of her parents’ home last month.

“They’re pretty fine with it,” she said. “I wasn’t okay with it. I felt like I needed to be more independent.”

Rosip is a college graduate and works in public relations. She’s among the growing number of millennials in the Garden State living with mom and dad for longer.

“You’re so close to the city so it’s really hard to move out and it’s still expensive here,” she said. “You’re paying travel, you’re taking a lower-paying entry job to move forward in your career.”

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Data shows NJ leads the nation with 47 percent of millenials living at home. Connecticut is next with 42 percent, followed by New York with 41 percent.

“I guess people want to save,” parent Sherif Edward said. “My daughter did that also, she stayed with me a few years until she made enough money.”

Some millennials say the pressure on college students and recent graduates to get internships, which are often unpaid, can make it even harder to save for their own place.

“Starting pay for these guys is a lot different than when I was 18,” parent Oscar Cabeza said. “I remember starting at 15 bucks an hour and cost of living has gone up.”

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Rosip says the biggest change since moving out is “adjusting to it being a roommate dynamic instead of a parent dynamic.”