Discover Everything From Zucchini Latkes To Doughnuts Filled With Bourbon Or Single Malt Scotch

TEANECK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – With Chanukah ready to begin Sunday evening, a lot of families are rushing around getting ready.

Food is a big part of the holiday, and CBS2’s Cindy Hsu sought out a taste of some holiday favorites.

For example, start with talking latkes, the fried potato pancakes cooking around the clock at Ma’adan Deli in Teaneck.

“Once they start siding nicely, you know they’re well on their way,” said Stuart Kahan at the deli. “We can go through (6,000) to 7,000 during the course of the eight days.”

Kahan likes to stick to the traditional potato latke, but he says people are getting very creative.

“People have made all sorts of flavors including corn latke, zucchini latkes, sweet potato latkes,” said Kahan, noting they are served with sour cream and apple sauce

At Butterflake Bakery, it’s go time to create every traditional Chanukah treat you can imagine

“We’ve gone wild,” said Butterflake’s Richard Heisler while surrounded by jelly doughnuts.

“We have a caramel pretzel, cookies and cream, a black raspberry, a cotton candy,” he said. “We even added a line of drunken donuts these are filled with bourbon you just squeeze that right onto the donut.”

Butterflake also make a single malt scotch donut

In the back, they’re cutting the dough for mini jelly donuts, and people can even get jelly-filled challah bread.

“Here we take our world famous delicious challah and we overstuff it with jelly,” said Heisler.

Butterflake even sells a kit with a syringe of jelly so you can fill your own jelly doughnut.