ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – After more than 40 years, a Long Island songwriter is finally getting to listen to his college creation become a reality.

Frank Scafuri is 68 years old and wrote his song “A Small Town Christmas” when he was a student at Juilliard.

CBS2’s Cindy Hsu talked with him about the town of Windham in upstate New York.

“This is a town where you walk down the street, you smile and you just wave to each other,” said Scafuri.

While he dreamed of having someone like Dean Martin sing it one day, nothing really happened with it, so he filed it away.

“The song was in a filing cabinet for 45 years,” he said.

Eight years ago, his wife heard him play the song on their piano for the first time.

“I said this is such a gorgeous song, I said where did it come from, who sings this?” said Mary Ann Scafuri. “He said, Mary Ann, I did this back in the 70s, you know when I was at Juilliard.

Mary Ann encouraged him to do something with it, so he dug it out.

At a charity auction this year, Frank won a recording session with a jazz guitarist and then ended up working with a very successful music producer.

The song was just released last month, and now it’s available on everything from Spotify to iTunes.

“So all I simply do is say, Alexa play ‘A Small Town Christmas’ by Frank Scafuri on Amazon music,” he said. “I think this is a dream but I have to tell you God is my agent.


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