Justin Lewis
Weekday Morning Weather Producer

A harsh wind lasts through this afternoon and keeps our wind chills at sub-freezing levels. That said, you’ll want to bundle up again and make sure you’ve got that skin protected. Outside of that, expect a decent amount of sunshine with highs in the mid and upper 30s.

We’re anticipating a mainly clear night, but air temperatures will be running about 10° colder than last night. And even though our winds will begin to subside, any light breeze will drive the feels like temp down into the teens.

We remain bundled up tomorrow as we’re anticipating another temperature struggle: mid 30s at best. And while it won’t be the windiest of days, if you catch a breeze, it will only feel like the 20s.

As we head into Sunday, you can expect a mix of sunshine and high clouds with temps climbing into the upper 30s.