NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Could you go a day without your smartphone? How about a week? A month?

Drink company VitaminWater is offering $100,000 for people to give up using smart phones for one year, or $10,000 if you only last six months.

It’s not a small ask: Studies say people spend, on average, five hours a day online – and dropping offline can feel a lot like suffering withdrawal from alcohol, marijuana and heroin.

If you wouldn’t give up your phone, what else might you part with to pocket that $100,000 in 365 days if you could?

Ironically, the Coca‑Cola Company – sponsor behind the contest – requires participants to post on Twitter or Instagram, which for many would be their last update in a while without their phones.

A winner will be determined based on creativity, branding and humor.

To enter the contest, check out the official rules.