VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Police in Nassau County say a trio of thieves were caught on camera stealing packages from residents.

Investigators on Long Island released home surveillance video taken of a man accused in several thefts in Valley Stream on Thursday.

The suspect – along with another man – allegedly swiped packages from homes on North Grove and West Dover Streets.

Alleged package thieves in Valley Stream, N.Y. (Credit: CBS2)

Police say the men got away in a white Volkswagen Atlas that was driven by a third suspect.

The thefts are just the latest in a recent spike of stolen packages across the Tri-state area.

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Experts told CBS2’s Aiello doorbells with surveillance cameras offer some deterrence — and capture evidence — but clearly don’t discourage a determined porch pirate.

In some parts of the country, police are catching porch pirates using “bait packages.” They have GPS units hidden inside, so cops can track whoever takes them.

Local law enforcement are suggesting that people expecting more shipments during the holidays should set alerts on their smartphones to track package deliveries.

Other low-tech safeguards include arranging for deliveries to be sent to a trusted neighbor who usually has someone at home or instructing your delivery service to leave packages on the side or back of your home.


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