Justin Lewis
Meteorologist, Weekday Morning Weather Producer

We’ll spend the remainder of the afternoon drying out, with the exception of a snow shower here and there to our north and west. In addition to dry weather, expect blustery conditions with highs in the mid 40s and wind chills stuck in the 30s.

Get ready to bundle up tonight as colder air is ushered in by our departing low pressure system. The winds will keep up, too, so while the thermometer may read 30° or so, it will only feel like 20° around dawn.

Sunshine will win out tomorrow, but those cold, harsh winds will continue to blow. Expect air temps to get stuck in the 30s while wind chills get stuck in the 20s.

As for Wednesday, the winds will finally die out, but it will still be on the chilly side with highs in the low 40s.