NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A co-op proposal has parents on the Lower East Side fighting a local developer.

They’re determined to stop a dog park from opening next to an elementary school, CBS2’s Reena Roy reported Monday.

Public School 110 is home to more than 350 students, from pre-k through fifth grade, and soon those little ones may have some new neighbors.

A proposed dog park on the Lower East Side has some parents and public school officials miffed. (Photo: CBS2)

But not if a determined group gets its way. The concerned parents are against a new dog park that is set to open directly across from the school’s entrance near Delancey and Cannon streets.

“It’s not even 20 feet from the entrance, the main entrance to our school. It is just too close for comfort in terms of smells, sounds and just the number of people,” P.S. 110 principal Karen Feuer said.

“There’s so many concerns for health and well being of students here,” PTA president Judy Sinsheimer said. “Some children have allergies. Some children are scared.”

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The land is owned by the co-op development next door, which is run by the Hillman Housing Corporation. A property manager told CBS2’s Roy the dog park won’t be open to the public. It’s only for co-op residents who are registered dog owners.

But some who live in the co-op have sided with the school.

“We don’t want a dog park and we certainly want to be good neighbors,” co-op resident Gail Simon said. “It’s ours and we want to have a say in it.”

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Parents and residents told CBS2 they found out about the proposal back in August and have been fighting against it ever since, reaching out to local leaders and even creating a petition against it.

They have more than 240 signatures and counting.

“A lot of parents are with us. They don’t want the dog park here,” Sinsheimer said. “Would you want your child going to a school where a dog park is literally in front of the school?”

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Despite those concerns, co-op management said the park has been approved by the board and will be finished by spring.

It will have strict rules to keep things clean and orderly. No dogs will be allowed during school hours, specifically from 8 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. It will be locked at all times. Only residents who pay for a key can get in. In addition, sanitary stations will be installed and cleaned out daily.

Co-op management said it has met with the school to address concerns, and even made modifications to construction plans to accommodate the students.