NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Harlem mom’s dealing with yet another NYCHA nightmare after her apartment flooded with gushing water from her busted sink for the second time this week.

Margie Beltran was still cleaning up after a clogged pipe sent water shooting out of her sink and onto her floor at the Thomas Jefferson Houses Monday morning. After we shared her story on CBS2 news on Tuesday, the Housing Authority came in to clean up the mess and claimed they fixed the clog.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, and Beltran shot video of the sink bubbling up once again.

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So why isn’t the city doing what it takes to help her? CBS2 called NYCHA to tell them their fix was a flop, and workers responded quickly.

“Thank you very much I appreciate it,” Beltran said. “Because without you it wouldn’t have gotten done.”

Beltran and her disabled 18-year-old twin daughters have lived in the first floor handicap-accessible apartment for 11 years. She says it’s flooded several times, and her family has been on a transfer waiting list for five years.

Meantime, NYCHA says it only has a one percent vacancy. Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday said that’s just unacceptable, and he plans to step in and help.

“This sounds like a real hardship situation,” de Blasio said. “A mom dealing with that kind of situation we would want to get to immediately. Obviously she’d be a priority.”

Beltran says NYCHA workers told her her work order is now closed. Now, all she can do is wait and hope her days in the apartment are almost over.

De Blasio met with Housing Secretary Ben Carson on Tuesday to talk about the city’s beleaguered public housing. Last week, Carson said the feds may take control of NYCHA unless there’s a plan in place at the end of January to improve conditions.