(CBS New York)– Everything changed for Paris Hilton when she moved with her family to New York at age 15.

The great-granddaughter of the founder of the Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hilton, went from being a shy teenager to one of the most well known people in the world. Today the 37-year-old has a billion dollar business that features lines of perfumes, clothing and hand bags and recently opened up about her life in a brand new documentary called “The American Meme.”

While Hilton has traveled all over the world, New York will always hold a special place in her heart.

“Moving to New York at 15, I was very young and very sheltered from living in Los Angeles,” said Hilton in an interview with CBS Local. “I had never been to a party or a club before. When I moved to New York, all of the sudden my sister and I were getting invited to every event. We started this phenomenon and created a new celebrity genre.”

Hilton is one of the busiest people in the world, as she spends over 200 days a year traveling for work. That being said, her sister and two nieces live in town, and Paris has a list of favorite places she loves to check out every time she’s in the Big Apple.

“I love New York and it’s one of the greatest cities in the world. My favorite places to go are Tao for dinner, 1 Oak, and the Marquee,” said Hilton. “I love going shopping at Bergdorf’s and I love going to the Plaza Hotel and having lunch. My sister and I both live downtown, so it’s fun to go to the art galleries. It’s a wonderful place.”

Hilton even had a milk shake from Black Tap before the start of her interview with CBS Local!

Meanwhile, the businesswoman’s new documentary hits on a number of different topics when it comes to social media. The film explores how Hilton parlayed her social platform into a business and also explores how influencers all over the country struggle with the reality outside of their online personas.

“I really want people to learn a lot about social media and its effects on people,” said Hilton. “Life isn’t as perfect as people think. I want people to relate to that and see that everyone goes through the same struggles and everyone goes through the same thing. People are going to get to know the real me.”


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