NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Members of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance are rallying Wednesday in front of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office in Midtown.

They’re demanding yellow and green taxis be exempt from congestion pricing which begins Jan. 1 in Manhattan.

It affects just taxis and for-hire vehicles.

Taxi passengers will pay a $2.50 fee for rides below 96th Street, in addition to more than $3 in other fees.

The plan brings the cost of just getting in a cab to nearly $6.

  1. Kwok Chow says:

    They should have protected the cabbies from Uber and Lyft. It is not fair when cabbies all along had to have a medallion to operate in NYC and they just allow Uber and Lyft to come in. They should also privatize the subways because it is just poorly run. The MTA cost 7 times other countries cost to build a mile of track. They should also stop running the trains after a certain time to allow for maintenance. They can replace it with buses or make people take other forms of transportation.

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