DEMAREST, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A son’s holiday light show, which attracts people from both near and far, was started as a special tribute to remember his mom.

Every year, 18-year-old Daniel Eisenberg concocts the synchronized light show from his computer in Demarest, New Jersey.

It involves 20 songs timed to 200 different effects which all play out on 98.1 FM once you pull up to 38 Evergreen Place.

He starts planning in August, and started the tradition after his mom, Lena, died just before the holidays. She died of a heart attack at 48-years-old.

“I was devastated,” Daniel said.

He was only ten-years-old, and says his mom always decorated inside for Christmas. He and his father did all the outdoor decorating, so the next year they went all out.

Daniel says every minute of his show takes him about five hours to program. In total, he says there are around 100,000 lights.

“It’s really something we look forward to,” Haworth resident Daphne Saperstein said.

Hundreds of cars show up nightly, and spectators have the chance to donate to the American Heart Association. This year, Daniel hopes to raise $10,000.

Daniel says he and his father are moving to Florida next year, but he fully intends on putting on the light show there.

The last day to see the show on Evergreen Place is January 8th. For more information, visit their Facebook page.