NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Two dozen lucky kids were rewarded for a job well done on Saturday when they got to shop with a few officers from the NYPD.

Jayden Reid was among the lucky students from across the city who gathered at the Target in Brooklyn, each of whom was given $200 to spend.

The kids each shopped with a cop, and bought whatever they wanted. They were all part of the NYPD’s Explorers Program, and were hand-picked as a reward for their hard work.

“They have us go around, community service, help people out and I really like it,” Explorer Alana Griffin said.

The spree was courtesy of Michael Bolus, who spearheaded the effort as a way to improve community relations with police.

“This is the way of establishing mutual trust and understanding at the very beginning stages of a person’s life,” Bolus said.

Officers who spoke with CBS2 say the process is working wonders.

“You have better relationship with the kids,” 9th Precinct Detective Jamie Hernandez said. “They see you in another way.”

When some of the students went over their $200 limit, the officers often paid the balance with their own money. Bolus says he hopes to have help next year to sponsor the event and make it even bigger.