As CBS2 Found Out On The Day After Christmas, There Is An Etiquette To Getting Rid Of What You Don't Want, Need Or Like

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Shoppers were busy before Christmas buying gifts and bringing them home.

On this day after the holiday, things were flowing the other way, CBS2’s Scott Rapoport reported.

‘Tis the day after Christmas, and at a strip mall area in the Charleston section of Staten Island, it was a day of many happy returns.

When asked what they were returning, shoppers had all kinds of answers.

“Clothes that don’t fit,” one person said.

“Cookie Monster pajamas. I’m exchanging for a bigger size,” another said.

Yeah, it seems everyone had a problem or a reason — and then there was Debbie Karfinkle.

“I’ve returned a lot, actually. I’m returning clothes. I’m returning toys,” said Karfinkle, adding when asked what a certain object was, “I don’t know. We’re not sure. That’s why we are returning it. We didn’t really like it.”

Of course, when returning a gift someone gives you it is so important to never insult the gift giver. Etiquette is paramount.

“Oh, well, you have to be nice about it, obviously. You have to say, ‘Why thank you … and I love it,’ and then the next day return it when they’re not looking,” Karfinkle said.

Josie Vascellaro said she didn’t return anything this Christmas, but she had a reason.

“I got money,” Vascellaro said.

And, remember people, it’s the thought that counts.

Experts suggest when making returns it is best to wait until after Jan. 1, and if you are dealing with crowded stores it’s best to go early in the morning or late at night.


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