NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A beloved dog is safe and sound after breaking loose and going on an adventure that caused quite a disruption for subway riders late Wednesday.

Considering some of the crazy things straphangers may see on any given day in the subway, it was nonetheless out of the ordinary for those who saw it play out.

“Waiting for the J train at about 1:30 in the afternoon, just an average day and all of a sudden a man started yelling ‘a dog! a dog!’,” witness Jennifer Vanilla said. “Like any New Yorker, I averted my eyes and assumed he was disillusion.”

But an illusion it was not. The pup was spotted dunning along the subway tracks Wednesday inside the Delancey and Essex Street station. Jennifer says she pushed the red button on the emergency call box for help. Eventually someone answered and said help was already on the way.

“In the meantime, we were all looking for it and people kept spotting him running underneath the lip of the subway platform,” Jennifer said.

Nine hours later, Jake was still on the loose. The chase suspended J and M train service in both directions while emergency teams worked to retrieve the pooch, which made its way to the tracks on the Williamsburg Bridge.

Power was shut off and commuters were left sitting on the train halfway over the East River until Jake could be wrangled. After he first disappeared in late December, Jake was finally reunited with his owner.

She posted pictures and videos to Instagram, announcing he’d been found. Then, she updated that he was at the animal emergency room.

“He’s loopy and bleeding. Will keep you posted as soon as I know he’s okay,” she wrote, followed by, “I have him, and he’s okay.”

Then finally at 3:21 a.m. Thursday, Jack was back home.