NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Less than a month after Kevin Hart stepped down as Oscars host, he could be in the running for the job again – and he has the support of one important voice.

“I think you should host the Oscars,” said Ellen DeGeneres, who hosted the Academy Awards show in 2007.

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, one of the top firms in the nation dealing with crisis management, talked with CBS2’s Steve Overmyer.

“I think if there’s a perception that you’ve said things about the LGBT community and you have Ellen the queen of the LGBT community coming out for you,” said Torossian. “You can’t do much better than that.”

We live today in an era where overnight things can become a story. Kids today growing up need to behave much differently than previous generations did because if they make one terrible comment at the age of 16 and someone captures it, they might have to worry about it going to college or getting a job.

Top NFL prospect Josh Allen’s racist tweets from high school resurfaced before the NFL draft and it didn’t stop the Buffalo Bills from selecting him with the seventh pick. The court of public opinion can levy severe consequences or forgiveness.

“Kevin Hart? Of course there’s forgiveness, because he’s done a lot of work for us because I’m a part of the community too,” said Shawn Kenyon of Mount Vernon, N.Y.

Are we being too sensitive as a society?

“Yes! I’m a lesbian so I don’t see such a big deal in Kevin Hart making a comment 10 years ago,” said Manny, a Manhattan resident.

Hart has the support of Ellen, but that doesn’t mean he has the support of everyone.

“Sure, he can totally host the Oscars if he’s actually sorry and understands the hurt he’s caused people,” said Sybil Kollappallil of Elmhurst. “But I don’t see it.”

And so while some of the public loves to hold celebrities accountable, some also love a comeback.


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