JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Someone get the Knicks on the phone!

Video of a 12-year-old basketball player sinking a buzzer beater in Jersey City in December has gone viral.

The crowd went wild when Nico Peña made the game-winning shot for his team.

“After I shot it I saw the ball go in, I felt like everyone was standing still and staring at the ball and when it went in everyone went crazy,” he said.

Teammates huddled around Nico as his dad proudly looked on from the stands.

“It’s his work ethic we’re most proud of,” dad Ray said. “You can’t get someone to do the things they do, that he’s doing, if you don’t have love for the game.”

The seventh grader from Staten Island plays on three different basketball teams and practices at least six days a week. When he’s not on the court or in class, he’s training in his basement.

“Ever since I got the ball in my hand I was playing it,” Nico said.

“I just want him to have the future he dreams of,” mom Dina said. “Whatever it is he wants I tell him ‘that’s your goal, you aim for that’.”

The game was last month and video of the clutch shot has since gone viral. It’s even been featured on an ESPN highlight reel.

“He’s so humble and quiet about it we were waiting for him to jump up and go crazy and he just put his head down with his shy face,” Dina said. “He couldn’t believe it.”

Nico dreams of one day being in the NBA when he grows up. As it turns out, his latest buzzer beater was the fourth one he’s hit in his budding career.

“Obviously it’s a lucky shot, a far shot, but you wouldn’t believe it if I told you he’s surprised us many times,” Ray said.

“For me I feel like that’ll happen again,” Nico said. “I hope it will.”