LARCHMONT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A new mural in a village in Westchester isn’t receiving the recognition that was expected.

In fact, some residents say the new painting in Larchmont is an unwelcome sight. 

The mural debuted in November on Chatsworth Avenue by the corner of Palmer Avenue.

It’s part of an organization, Street Art for Mankind, that’s helping to fight child trafficking.

Murals have popped up all over town, each representing the families and individuals that established the village. This one in particular features the Palmers, a family of pioneers.

Some people say the woman in the center of it, though, is freaking them out, while others say it’s adding some extra flare to the area.

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  1. Skip Ross says:

    Once again, the snowflakes of America are having their feelings hurt by inanimate objects. Artwork is subject to each persons personal interpretation. If it hurts your eyes, look away. Simple. Quit complaining about every little thing. The pussification of America marches on.

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