LINDEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Ever wonder if you get what you pay for at the pump? One New Jersey man thought something was fishy after a recent fill up at the gas station and now he is warning other drivers to check their receipts.

Normally most people pull up to the station, hand over their credit card, and say “fill it up,” but do you always check to see the total at the pump matches the total charged to your card?

“I understand you’re in biz to make money, but you can’t rob people,” Anthony Wohlrab of Linden said.

Wohlrab recently confronted the manager of the Delta station off St. Georges and Wood Avenues after a trip to fill up his car.

“The pump said 10 gallons of gas $24.44. The receipt says 12 gallons 29.44. There’s a $5 gap there.”

0111gasprice New Jersey Officials Confront Local Gas Station Accused Of Overcharging Drivers

Anthony Wohlrab’s overcharged gas station receipt and the Linden station pump that charged him. (Credit: CBS2)

Wohlrab isn’t the only one to complain here. Others have too. On Friday, the Union County Division of Weights and Measures showed up at the same time Wohlrab and CBS2’s Meg Baker returned to the fishy filling pump.

“We’re not blaming you directly, but it does seem like an ongoing thing at this locations… with the employees you hired,” a member of the Weights and Measures division said to station workers.

Wohlrab posted the issue to Facebook and has since gotten hundreds of comments. Some claim they experienced the same problem.

The Consumer Protection Agency confirmed this very thing also happened on Monday. The same inspectors showed up after a woman called complaining. While on site they said the attendants also mixed up two other customer’s credit cards.

“Unless you pay attention to the pump and your receipt, you are getting gypped,” the driver alleged.

Violations will be issued after a full inspection is completed, but the same thing seems to keep going on at the Linden station.

The station manager would not speak to CBS2 directly. Wohlrab was given his five dollars back for the latest incident.


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