Retirement Home Residents Who Live Nearby Say They Are Done With Stop & Shop, Want Town Supervisor To File Lawsuit

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The center of the dispute are trucks from a Stop & Shop supermarket and warehouse.

Residents say they have been complaining for nearly a decade. The town has issued code violations.

Now, some are urging a lawsuit against the noisy neighbor, CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported Monday.

The noise that comes from a Stop & Shop in Riverhead, New York, is driving residents of a nearby retirement community crazy. So much so, that a lawsuit could be in the supermarket’s future. (Photo: CBS2)

Trucks unload at Stop & Shop in Riverhead. Local residents complain that the noise seems relentless.

The supermarket and its warehouse were built in 2010, adjacent to an existing 55-and-older residential retirement community.

“Oh my god, it’s a nightmare. You hear the screeching sound,” Glenwood Village homeowner Janet Lerner said.

Lerner said the dinner hour is a disaster.

“We hear a lot of the beeping. It’s at all hours. All hours,” Deborah Smith added.

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CBS2’s McLogan took a drive through the rear lot and saw Peapod trucks, tractor trailers idling. Various foods were being delivered and the sounds were reverberating into homes.

“It’s horrendous. The bad part is that in summer we can’t even enjoy our backyard,” Glenwood Village homeowner Agnes Giordano said.

The Stop & Shop director of communications told CBS2 the community’s concerns have been heard and the company is exploring options for a solution.

Some residents are urging a lawsuit against the grocer for continuing non-compliance.

“I would like to work with them first to abate the issue before spending taxpayer money to take them to court,” Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith said.

Jens-Smith said the town has issued multiple violations for excessive sound emissions in violation of local code.

W. Brian Stark owns and operates Glenwood Village.

“The store is there. We can’t move the store. So they need to do the right thing to come up with a barrier that’s going to lower the decibel ratings that are coming off the site,” Stark said.

The agenda for the next town board meeting includes a vote to authorize legal action against the supermarket.

Stop & Shop said it plans to come to the table to listen and respond.


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