NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The ‘Ten Year Challenge’ has been taking social media by storm of late, but some tech experts worry the meme could be putting users’ cyber security at risk.

The fad seen on Facebook and Instagram has prompted people to post side-by-side selfies, one at their current age and one from ten years ago.

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Web analysts estimate it’s generated more than five million Facebook interactions in only three days, but experts are reminding people the more data you share the more of a target you become.

Some even warn the memes can be mined to train facial recognition algorithms.

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“The majority use is probably going to be for advertising,” tech expert Kate O’Neill said. “It’s probably going to be just displays that adapt based on if you’re older, younger.”

So what can you do if you’ve already posted your own Ten Year Challenge? Before you rush to delete it, remember the thing about all these viral fads is that they’re fleeting.

“I think this is more about learning the pattern, learning what’s happening in a larger scenario so we understand going forward how to participate in social media,” O’Neill said.

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Facebook, which also owns Instagram, issued a statement saying it had no role in starting the challenge and saw no benefit in it.