RINGWOOD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Some people spoil all the fun.

An ice rink in New Jersey will not be able to open for the season because of some impatient vandals.

“Unfortunately, we had some overzealous teenagers that jumped the fence, even though it’s locked, and skated before it was ready. The result is they tore the liner in many places, so it’s not something that’s salvageable,” Director of Public Works Scott Heck told CBS2’s Meg Baker.

Town officials said the liner cannot be replaced this winter, because the ice needs to be removed beforehand and then a new liner needs to be ordered, which is expected to cost about $5,000.

“It probably takes the DPW, I would say, the better part of two days to set it up. It takes about 140,000 gallons of water to go in there to freeze up for the kids,” he said. “Unfortunately, we lost about four inches overnight, because of the holes.”

Town officials say they set up the rink each year – a more than 30-year tradition –  so kids have a safe place to skate and play hockey, rather than the town’s many lakes. Locals are disappointed, to say the least.

“I know I am. I like to see my grandson ice skating,” resident Alfred Lubbers said.

“They have nothing better to do than vandalize stuff, I mean really. It just makes it worse for people who like to use it,” resident Fred Lubbers added.

The rink will reopen for rollerblading in the spring.


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