HUNTINGTON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A horrific accident has New York lawmakers taking action regarding summer safety.

In an extremely bittersweet moment, Ryan Weiss’s family watched as a statewide bill aimed at protecting children like Ryan was filed.

The bill – proposed by a newly elected senator in their son’s name – requires boats used for instructing minors to be equipped with propeller guards.

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Kellie and her husband Kevin lobbied for the new bill after their 12-year-old son was killed by an unguarded boat propeller.

“The last 18 months for us has been nothing short of a nightmare,” Kellie Weiss, Ryan’s mother said.

“It is actually the very first bill that I got to file and I am hopeful that this common sense measure will be passed by the senate this year,” Sen. James Gaughran of Long Island said.

“Hopefully by the assembly and signed by the governor as quickly as possible.”

“No parent should ever have to send their child off and not have them come home that afternoon, and I think in going through this process, the amount of stories that have come our way from all over the country about people that have been killed by the propellers of boats was shocking to us,” Weiss explained to CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan.

Ryan’s bill, would require any vessel on state waterways used to teach children about marine navigation to have a cage or encasement surrounding the propeller. Costs for installing the propeller guards reportedly start around $100.


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