NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Police say they have arrested the man accused of a vicious random assault on Staten Island.

The NYPD said Friday Lindon Beaton, 31, is in custody and is believed to have brutally beaten 57-year-old Beatrice Kaliku while she was on her way to an all-night prayer meeting at a friend’s apartment.

Investigators said the attacker came up from behind and placed Kaliku in a chokehold on Jan. 5.

The woman told CBS2 the suspect beat her so badly, she thought she was going to die. The attack left Kaliku hospitalized with bruises, a black eye, fractured hip, and lacerations.

“He just kept punching me and punching me,” Kaliku told CBS2’s Scott Rapoport. “He took my neck and slammed my head.”

Beaton faces assault, criminal obstruction of breathing and harassment charges.



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