HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A Long Island homeowner is recovering Friday after a struggle with an alleged burglar who struck twice.

The homeowner told CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff he was targeted because he listed his house for sale.

He spoke with Gusoff in an exclusive interview.

Farbod Hoorizade (credit: Nassau County Police)

“My kneecap is broken, I need to do surgery,” said homeowner Shimon Mourtil.

Mourtil’s wrist was also mangled after the burglary suspect bit him.

On Monday, the burglar hurled a brick through a window. On Thursday, the alleged thief came back for more.

“Broke in a couple of days ago, closed all the shades, went through what he wanted to go through, stole some liquor,” Mourtil said. “I think he wanted to come back to get the refrigerator and other things.”

The struggle took place at Mourtil’s home on Arbor Street in Great Neck Thursday after Mourtil heard a loud noise. He found Farbod Hoorizade, 27, parked in his driveway. Mourtil called 911, then reached into the car to stop him.

“He tried to get away. The door was opened, so he reversed. My leg got caught under the door and he dragged me 30-40 feet,” Mourtil told Gusoff.

Mourtil had listed the house for sale and held open houses. He says Hoorizade admitted he did research to find a house for sale to target.

“I said ‘Confess, and give me back my stuff, and I’ll let you go,'” Mourtil said. “I asked how did he find out about this, and he said open houses.”

The struggle left Mourtil seriously injured, and Hoorizade, of Little Neck, facing assault and burglary charges.

In court, officials said Hoorizade suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the Israeli army.

Nassau Police suggest homeowner view open houses with caution, and protect homes when vacant and for sale.

“Real estate has open houses. It’s hard. You’re inviting strangers into your home… I have security cameras on my house now, they are inexpensive, that’s a recommendation,” said Det. Vincent Garcia of the Nassau County Police. “If they all do the work to figure who is around, who is not around, then they could probably work at getting a job.”

Mourtil says the Hoorizade begged him not to call police, but he has no sympathy for the man who nearly ran him over. Mourtil hopes the charges will be upgraded to attempted murder.

Late Friday, a judge ordered Hoorizade to stay away from Mourtil, and set bail at $75,000.


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