TUCKAHOE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A dog in Westchester County is being hailed a hero after breaking out of her home to save her owner’s life.

At first police thought she was a dog on the loose, but then realized the pit bull was on a mission to get help.

On Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. Sadie – a 60-pound pit bull – was found wandering the streets of Tuckahoe barking up a storm.

11-year-old pit bull, Sadie. (Credit: CBS2)

“We got a call of a loose pit bull,” Lawrence Rotta of the Tuckahoe Police Department said.

Police tried to catch her but Sadie bolted back to her home on Fairview Avenue with cops in hot pursuit. When they got there they said they noticed the sliding door in the backyard was open.

The sliding door Sadie was able to open to get help. (Credit: CBS2)

“When they went to investigate they noticed an odor of gas emanating from the doorway,” Rotta told CBS2’s Scott Rapoport.

It turns out there was an actual gas leak in the home. Police believe Sadie ran from the house to get away from it and then led officers back to help.

“What do you think she was doing?” Rapoport asked Sadie’s owner.

“I don’t know. I want to say bringing them here. What else could it be,” Serena Costello said.

Costello, who was not home at the time, is calling Sadie is a hero. She added that if not for her precious pit bull, something terrible could have happened.

“An explosion. I have no idea,” Costello predicted.

Sadie’s attempt to scratch through her front door to get help. (Credit: CBS2)

Sadie’s owner added that she believes Sadie smelled the gas, started scratching frantically at the front door, before somehow nuzzling open the sliding door in the kitchen on her own.

How Sadie was able to figure out how to pry open the sliding door, Costello said she doesn’t know.

Ultimately she says cops called the local fire department and Con Ed. The gas was turned off and everything is now fine – thanks to the 11-year-old pit bull.

“You saved us,” the grateful owner said while embracing her dog.

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  1. Jim Williams says:

    It’s remarkable that the dog saved the life of a woman who wasn’t home at the time.

  2. Warrior of GOD says:

    This is what we need more stories of, instead of all the evil and mayhem…

  3. Donny Dingle says:

    Dogs are a lot smarter than we think. I know mine likes to play dumb sometimes to get me to do things for her that she can do perfectly well for herself.

  4. Carr Raza says:

    With all the amazing new research, e.g., discovering languages in animal, bird etc species, and the incredible mourning elephants, etc, can anyone still opine “dumb animals”. Their courage and self-sacrifice at times should help us humans give pause to our horrible “animal” instincts.

  5. Gary Griffin says:

    OK”””Number one…..Natural gas is not going to kill you or I would have been dead 30 years ago…….Number 2…..what was leaking?….Nothing is said…Pilot light out? or did the dog chew through a house line?……even still with the patio door open it wouldn’t be a problem…..too much oxygen.

  6. chefjimmie1 says:

    Sadie reminds me so much of my mutt…the dog of my life. He was so much a part of me that when I had to have him put down in 2012, he took a piece of my heart with him. Sadie could be his sister. RIP Muncy.

  7. Thomas Lawrence says:

    Well done sadie! FYI haters, my current breed, giant malamute it 6 times more likely to kill humans than pit bulls, per individual dogs. Yet anyone that touched Gordo to hurt him, would get their clock stopped by Colt. PS owned more PB than any other breed, every one was very sweet.

  8. Maureen Callahan says:

    Like the banner in front of Sadie’s house said, ‘Life is Good.’
    Take note………

  9. mickrussom says:

    all pit bulls should be put down. while this may have happened (doubt it) they are a dangerous evil menace and the owners lie.

    1. Jim Harvey says:

      Well in New York, we can now abort people after birth.. Maybe we should put YOU down you psycho asshat.

    2. Nestor Riano says:

      Are you racist as well as a breedest?
      You judge an entire breed on the actions of a few. Do you also judge an entire face on the actions of a few

  10. Thomas Keller says:

    I’m glad the dog helped but let’s be clear: Pit bulls are a massive and constant menace to the public.

    Dozens of children and old folk are torn to shreds and killed by pit bulls in the US every year. Babies are killed slowly and horribly, in agonizing pain as they feel their facial flesh ripped off strip by strip. Dozens more children are left mutilated for life.

    Pit Bull owners lie, lie, lie, lie about it, every day.

  11. Clark Caramba says:

    Sorry, not buying the pit bull hero story. That’s as daft as calling a pit bull – a nanny. Liana Valino – RIP

  12. Wow.. A rare thing that the police didn’t just shoot the dog. That seems to be their M.O.

  13. Marco DeNola says:

    Sadie deserves a lifetime of treats, hugs and snuggles.

  14. David Anderson says:

    I bet a dog from a breed not known for randomly attacking people would have done the same thing.

    1. aaroncalgary says:

      Like a non negro type dog?

    2. Les Godbold says:

      Right!? First headline I ever saw with “pitbull” in it and it had not eaten anyone.

  15. I would never repair that door, unless you rent, then, I’d replace it, and turn it into wall art!

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