Retired Teacher William Reynolds Has Memorabilia Collection That Runs The Gamut Of The 45 Commanders-In-Chief

OSSINING, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Monday marked Presidents Day 2019.

But at a home in Westchester County, every day brings a salute to America’s commanders-in-chief.

A historian is showing off his extreme esteem for our chief executives, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported.

He likes Ike, is wild about Harry and goes gaga for the Gipper and Grover.

Westchester County resident William Reynolds has a collection of U.S. president memorabilia you have to see to believe. (Photo: CBS2)

The Ossining apartment of retired history teacher Reynolds reflects his lifelong obsession with U.S. presidents.

“It’s our lifeblood, really, our nation’s history,” Reynolds said. “I’ve always prided myself on not only knowing the political aspects of their lives but also their personal lives as well.”

Reynolds has collected hundreds of portraits, campaign buttons, books and bobbleheads, all commemorating the victors and the vanquished.

First ladies get their due.

And a prize possession is a 1917 suffragette sash, which he has lent to his good friend, Ossining Mayor Victoria Gearity.

“Translates his passion for presidential history to his dedication to democracy in general,” Gearity said.

What Reynolds has collected is impressive. What he has stored in his head, even more so.

“Gerald Ford was the only Eagle Scout,” Reynolds said.

“John Quincy Adams was the only former president to serve in the House of Representatives — 1831 until his death in 1848,” he added.

And Woodrow Wilson, whose advisers urged he not remarry while president.

“He did proceed with the wedding on Dec. 18, 1915,” Reynolds said.

He has books more than 150 years old and a collection of brand new buttons to prepare for campaign 2020.

“Right now, I have to get into my little brain here all their biographical information so I can be ready,” Reynolds said with a laugh.

That’s a lot to memorize.

Happy President’s Day from Ossining, New York.

Reynolds said his collection is worth several hundred thousand dollars. He often visits local schools to share his presidential knowledge with students.

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