NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Want to get in a good workout, but hitting the big, busy gym just isn’t for you?

CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock found ways you can feel the burn without sweating it out in front of strangers.

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“Mirror” is a modern-day marvel that transforms the home into a home gym.

Dori Gray, of Jersey City, has been working out with Mirror for three months.

“I really love it,” she told Murdock. “It feels exactly like being in one of my classes.”

Brynn Putnam is the founder and CEO of Mirror.

“For the first time, you’re able to get the studio experience in your house without any compromise,” she said.

Putnam said her life has always been fitness focused. She danced the New York City Ballet as a teen and founded Refine Method, boutique gyms boasting high-intensity interval training.

“Two years ago, I found myself the owner of a gym, struggling to workout. I was newly pregnant,” she said.

She said the studio schedule just wasn’t working out for her to get a workout in.

“I started to think about workout out in home, but I didn’t want to put in a big treadmill or a bicycle in my living room,” she said.

So Putnam dreamed up Mirror.

Now, it’s much more than a reflection in her mind’s eye. From barre to boxing, even prenatal yoga, there are thousands of workouts to choose from 24/7 with Mirror.

You decide which workout, how intense, even the playlist — all through an app.

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Mirror costs about $1,500 and there’s a subscription fee of $39 per month. Before years end, personal training will also be an option.

Tawnie Baker told Murdock she wanted to take training to the next level.

“I wanted the best, and I found myself the best,” she said.

Now, she throws her punches at Fitness Lounge in Astoria.

“Never gets too crowded, it’s way more flexible in the scheduling,” she said.

It’s a space for independent personal trainers to work with their clients.

“If you’re not a gym-goer or a gym-rat, you’re not going to be paying that X amount of dollars per month for a space you’re only going to see twice a week,” said Co-Owner Jen Flanagan.

There is no membership fee for the trainee. The trainer pays a usage fee.

Brian Simmons, a person trainer for eight years, said he worked at a big gym but got burned out.

“I decided to go independent as a trainer,” he said.

He said the Fitness Lounge approach is a win-win. He’s making more money, has more time, and his clients get personalized attention.

“I’ll go home right now and I’ll write your workout program for the rest of the week,” he said.

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Simmons added that for the same amount of money, his clients get double the workout.