NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A retired NYPD detective still has one more case to solve – trying to locate a baby he helped deliver nearly 25 years ago.

Now the former member of New York’s Finest is asking for your help in finding the family one more time.

In over 22 years with the NYPD, Angel Maysonet has seen and done a lot. Most notably, the detective helped to prevent a terror attack against the city’s subway system.

“We broke that case and we thwarted the plot so that was the greatest accomplishment police work,” Maysonet said.

But there’s another day on the job he just can’t get out of his head.

“It was the most memorable moment and the happiest moment of my career.”

It was the day he and his partner helped deliver a baby girl in the Bronx, back in 1994.

NYPD Det. Angel Maysonet in 1994 holding a newborn baby girl in the Bronx. (Credit: CBS2)

“I was scared. I was terrified.”

“You can still remember that all these years later?” CBS2’s Alice Gainer asked.

“Oh yeah, yeah I remember that we didn’t receive any formal training other than a 20-second training video,” the NYPD veteran said.

Maysonet and his partner got a call for a female in labor at 1967 Marmion Avenue. He says that because EMS was backed up, it was up to the two of them.

“I got down on my hands and knees and my partner was telling her relax and the baby wasn’t going to wait.”

Maysonet says within five to 10 minutes the baby was out. EMS eventually arrived and took over.

“I know she was a beautiful little baby and she had a lot of hair, that’s it.”

He says he always thought about the baby but never got her or her mother’s name.

“The NYPD doesn’t keep a record of this sort of thing?” Gainer asked.

“Yeah, but it’s so hard to. We’re talking 25 years ago. The systems have probably changed three or four times over. They’ve tried to find it,” Maysonet explained.

With the rise of social media he figured he’d try and see if he could reunite with the little girl online, tweeting out the picture.

All he has though is that picture and the building’s address, making this a tough case to crack on his own.

“I don’t remember the date. I know it was in the summer because it was really hot out.”

The detective says this happened in an apartment on the top floor of the building, but he can’t remember exactly which one. CBS2 has been speaking with people in the building and they don’t seem to remember either.

“I heard about it over the internet, social media, but I don’t know who the lady was that gave birth. I had just moved into the building in ’94,” Carmen Rosado said.

“I just would love to see her and make sure she’s OK,” Maysonet added.

He also believes the mother was Honduran and had several other children. He spoke to her in Spanish and says her sister was also there during the delivery.

So far Maysonet says there are no leads, but she would now be about 24-years-old now. The NYPD told CBS2 they don’t keep a record of births officers assist in.