NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A local painter is making waves in the art world, and she’s only a toddler!

At quick glance, Lola June seems similar to any other two-year-old. But this pint-sized Picasso has already sold artwork for hundreds of dollars apiece.

She’s an artist with her own exhibition titled Hope: A Collection of Paintings by Lola June.

Family friend and artist Pajtim Osmanaj curated the solo show, and says when she laid eyes on Lola’s very first piece he was surprised.

“I love it and I want to show her work to others,” he said.

More than 30 of her works adorn the walls of Chashama, a space for artists in Union Square. Founder Anita Durst says the non profit gets hundreds of applications every day from artists hoping to showcase their talents.

About a third of her artwork has been sold, and the inquiries keep coming in.

Prices range from $400 to as much as $23,000, and the impressive works are on display until March 18th.

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  1. Tim J. Dearinger says:

    Pint size Jackson Pollack, would be a much better comparison IMO. It’s easy to declare this child a prodigy when the likes Pollock (and countless others) have been declared genius and are established in the art world as icons. The precedent for this was set decades ago.

  2. There is NO LIMIT on what people will do to throw money away!

  3. Jim Guelde says:

    Just months before the storming of the Bastille in 1789, everything was peachy. The social order ran smooth. The poor paid their dues. The middle class kept their mouths shut. The aristocracy partied … and the next day they were being dragged through the streets by their frilly collars like common thieves.”

  4. So which one is sleeping w/ the dealer. I’m just curious. I’ve seen better art from elephants. The kids cute, but 23,000 for something that you could draw after two pints standing on your head. Give me a break. Good job to the parents who made an impressive amount of money out of other peoples stupidity.

  5. Abigale Reinhorn says:

    …when you abort your kids but still want stuff to hang on the fridge

    1. David Littlejohn says:

      A type of indulgence for sale by the Church of Progressivism?

  6. Sam James says:

    A great example how ‘modern art’ has become crappy scribbling! The more this junk is peddled, the less valued true art becomes. The names and art critics promoting this ridiculousness should be noted—so that we completely discount their opinion in the future!

  7. Maryann Lima says:

    This is not art, it’s the scribbling of a toddler, that any toddler can do. I think if I secured a paintbrush to my cat’s paw and put it in paint I could get better art. What a crock, Libs will buy anything if you put a high enough price on it.

  8. Yohei Watanabe says:

    Dad exploiting his baby-girl for quick riches. And do us all a favor and leave Picasso out of it. This article is only evidence that the “art world” has lost its effing mind.

  9. David McMahon says:

    Absolute nonsense. This report is more embarrassing than the idiots that paid money for these doodles. Any two year old could do that. And no, it doesn’t look like anything Picasso did.

  10. Chris McClelland says:

    I did something like this while I was slobberknockered drunk and nobody would offer me a penny.

  11. jgwingfield says:

    The late Morley Safer would shake his head and chuckle at the silliness. One of my favorite 60 Minutes episodes included a DC area couple who had a 6″ piece of bungee cord with a single tack through the middle attaching to a wall in their home. They proudly told him, ‘the artist hung it himself’.

  12. Mac Joiner says:

    These idiots are beyond help. But they’re “urban progressives” so today’s media loves them.

  13. Jim Runavich says:

    Says a lot more about the fools that would display or buy this than the two year old.

  14. Edward Meyers says:

    Every now and then something like this appears. Might be an elephant or a chimp or someone young. Of course their work sell for fantastic sums. Anywhere from 400 thousand to 23,000 for a two yr olds work. Absolute BS. I’ve been doing art for 55 yrs and have to give them away to get rid of them LOL. What would a 2 y/o do with that kind of money? Were taxes paid? Any fool can scribble (Jean Michel Basquait) A bigger fool will pay him for it.

  15. Joe Carrell says:

    Erm, i can’t see the emperor’s new clothes like these “experts” can.

  16. People who buy “Modern Art” will buy anything, ergo AOC.

  17. tigzaca says:

    These paintings are so obviously faked and/or “enhanced” with an adult’s touch. Just take a look at some of the sharp lines. Impossible for a 2-year-old with their lack of motor skills.

    1. Samuel Green says:

      Not trying to put splinters under your fingernails my friend, but it’s an absolute fact that some very young children are gifted with exceptional abilities. There many child prodigies out there. If you still have doubts, Google it.

      Am I saying she’s the next Dali?? Only time will reveal that, but the odds aren’t in her favor. Would I pay $23,000 for one. No, but it would make PT Barnum proud. 😉

  18. Henry Schook says:

    just too many people with too
    much money around

    1. Paul Russell says:

      …and for $200 I’ll endorse your comment :-).

  19. Mark Glanemann says:

    Anything where I could do the same thing is not art Modern Art is awful.

  20. Cheryl Walker DeFelice says:

    the art world is very strange. $23,000????? It’s ridiculous. I detest that kind of “art”.

  21. Al Williams says:

    show video of kid painting or it’s a hoax

    1. lsbrew says:

      she’s asian so what do you expect?

  22. Sarah Santori says:

    Really – stupid is as stupid does!!!! Insanity runs rampant.

  23. Tony Monti says:

    incredible BS

  24. Mark Em says:

    IF she had any other name than Lola June, she would have been a nobody in the art world.

  25. Displays the appalling foolishness of the art world. Abstract expressionism is mentally bankrupt, so of course a 2 year old can display a “masterpiece.” The emperor has no clothes.

  26. I’ve known all along that most abstract art was the product of a two-year-old.

  27. Patricia Holman says:


  28. I ‘curated’ another 2 year olds amazing artwork in this country. It is displayed on my refrigerator right next to a realtors magnet and a list of groceries from three months ago.

  29. Michael Grimler says:

    Proof that the current “art” world is — for the most part — a scam.

    1. William Smith says:

      your words are far more polite than mine would have been.

  30. chefjimmie1 says:

    Just goes to show that the new garde in the art world can’t or won’t separate reality from fantasy. What’s going on in this world? This little girl is not an “artist” because she doesn’t have the motor skills or the understanding yet. Now, if a two year old painted a reproduction of some great artists, that would be something to consider. At present; this is just another cute toddler girl enjoying all the attention.

  31. Larry Hughes says:

    Doesn’t say much about art but says volumes about ignorant elites and elite wannabe’s.

    1. Paul Tibbets says:

      Well said.

  32. C O Jones says:

    the art game is all a con. I give you one Mr Jeffrey Loria as a prime example…. and of course there is maggelthorpe .

  33. suzcorner says:

    This is not ordinary 2yo “scribbling”. It’s her coordinated color choices and balance of composition on the canvas by one so young that make these so enchanting. Who can’t love those 2 roses, and you know which one I mean. I know, because my own 2yo (now adult) painted like this at 2, and I still have them in books and frames. Her talent has only grown over time.

    1. Alpheus Madsen says:

      I am reminded of an art teacher who showed a piece of art to his students, and had them critique it. They talked about bold colors, the abstractness of it, and so forth. In the end, it was revealed to be the teacher’s smock, and the paint was the result of wiping brushes off in the process of painting (as artists do in the process of painting something).

  34. Jim Wolfson says:

    People dumb enough to buy her scribbles are dumb enough to vote democRat.

  35. John Diamond says:


  36. Carl Mayo says:

    modern art fans simply cannot face the fact that the emperor has no clothes. if they ever admitted it, their whole world would collapse.

  37. Tom Hornetgunner says:

    If you pay me $400, I’ll take one. Other than that, what utter crap

  38. Thomas Roche says:

    Yeah, that’s what I thought…

  39. Mike Easter says:

    LOL!!! Confirming what we already know about Noo Yawkahs . . . .

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