NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Three children were attacked by a dog on their way to school Thursday in New Jersey.

Surveillance video from inside Twin City Supermarket in Newark shows the animal chasing the kids through the aisles.

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Sanitation worker Al Miller told CBS2’s Meg Baker he saw the dog running wild outside.

“I noticed a dog ran out of the car lot here. And when he ran out, he ran out to an older man and started grabbing on his leg, pulled him to the ground,” he said. “Once he got off the older man, he went to the little girl that was walking to school. And the way he ragged her, he pulled her to the ground.”

It happened at around 8 a.m., as the children were walking to school.

“They way he pulled her to the ground… that’s what made me run out of the truck with a garbage can, and I started throwing bottles and cans at it,” he added.

At first the kids thought the dog was just playing with them.

“I was walking to school, and I saw the dog running in the street. I thought it was going to get hit. So then they told us to go into McDonald’s, and I saw the dog bit a man,” an 8-year-old told Baker.

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Miller said the dog came out of an unlocked gate at a car sales shop.

“German Shepard with tiger stripes,” he said.

Baker asked to speak to the owner several times, but was told he was not available.

After running wild for several minutes, the dog followed the kids toward school. Police said a 12-year-old, 11-year-old and 9-year-old all suffered superficial wounds.

“I hope they’re alright. I feel sorry for the little girl, because she was traumatized,” said Miller. “I was like you’ve got a hero for the morning baby girl.”

One adult was also bitten.

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Animal control was called and took custody of the dog.