NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Will it soon be “fur-geddaboutit” in New York?

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan) has introduced a bill to ban the sale of fur in New York by 2021.

Violators would be fined $500 for the first offense, $750 for a second offense, and $1,000 for each additional offense.

LINK: Read the bill

“The Humane Society of the United States estimates that over 100 million animals are killed each year for the fur industry,” Rosenthal wrote in the memo accompanying her bill. “Major luxury fashion brands such as Coach, Versace, Burberry and Michael Kors have recently announced plans to become fur-
free, while some retailers and magazines have also announced they will no longer carry or feature clothing and accessories using animal fur. Countries such as Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have banned the sale of fur products, while a few U.S. cities including Los Angeles and San Francisco have also taken the step.”

The move comes as the New York City Council contemplates a number of animal-centric bills, including one that would prohibit declaring cats and another requiring new building use special glass to help prevent birds from flying into them.



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  1. Jeff Fleiss says:

    The use of fur is extreme animal cruelty and if you don’t get that then you are on the wrong side of the argument. Grow up and educate yourself.

  2. Kara Kiehle says:

    There is no humane slaughter. Profit from forced breeding, and killing, is violent speciesism. Adapt to a changing market, like all industries eventually must. We can’t pick and choose which living things, with complex condition and nervous systems, get to be protected. How dare these workers ask for sympathy when they have none for the most defenseless beings?

  3. Arelis Varela says:

    este comercio a sido el mas cruel de todos los tiempos, los humanos no necesitamos la piel de los animales para cubrirnos, ellos sufren, quitando del mercado esta aberración evitamos que las especies sean protegidas, considero que no solo la prohibición que sea un delito usarlo también

    1. Princess Esther says:

      Are you vegan?

  4. Princess Esther says:

    Animal rights groups have presented false propaganda and fabricated materials to launch fur ban. Despite their claims, fur farming is highly regulated under international, national and regional laws and guidelines. In the U.S. state statutes cover everything from mistreatment and neglect, to intentional cruelty, and reports are investigated by the appropriate local and/or state agency, oftentimes both. Under current anti-cruelty statutes, anyone who mistreats an animal faces investigation, prosecution, fines, jail time and even the loss of his animals.

    The industry works closely with scientists and veterinarians on an ongoing basis to identify and implement codes of practice that evolve over time to insure the welfare of fur farm animals. Among the areas covered by these recommendations are housing, feeding, breeding, euthanisation and veterinary services. Animal welfare standards are reviewed every two to three years based upon the latest available research. Euthanasia is conducted on-farm based upon the recommended guidelines set forth by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

    Strict regulations govern the capture of all wild animals. These include laws related to implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and national or regional regulations stipulating trapping seasons, quotas for certain species, required licenses, permitted/prohibited capture devices and trapper training.

    No endangered species are used in the industry and, in fact, the fur trade today actually uses less than ¼ of 1% of the animals used for food and other purposes. And, contrary to suggestions that the fur industry uses dog fur, fur industry representatives worked with legislators in Washington DC to secure passage of the Dog and Cat Protection Act of 2000.

    1. Yuki Endo says:

      Some real furs made in China coming from our pet dogs, because China has no legilation. Chinese people kill dogs for fur coat, which are stolen from people’s yard.

  5. Chris Chris says:

    For over 40 years groups like PETA and HSUS have been hard at work to convince consumers to stop buying fur. Consumers have been bombarded, more than any other product category. Still, they are buying fur. In fact the global industry is a $30 billion dollar industry. Consumers have listened, perhaps they have done their research and they have made up their own minds. And no matter what claims are thrown at you about consumer attitudes and research, the cash register tells the truest story. If nobody was buying fur retailers wouldn’t be selling it and manufacturers wouldn’t be producing it…and a ban would be a moot point.

    Fur is an easy target. It is a luxury product. And for those in the business of ending animal use, it is an easy foot in the door. But what comes next?

    I wear leather shoes. I love to wrap myself in my cozy wool blanket. And I look forward to a grilled burger or juicy steak. There are members of my family who would not be with us today were it not for the medicines available to them through animal testing protocols. Which of these will be the next target of these animal extremist groups?

    Because of a small group of very vocal activists they are making a choice for the rest of us. They are taking away our freedom of choice. They are assuming that we are neither smart enough nor considerate enough to make these decisions for ourselves.

  6. Jim Batsis says:

    I’d like to inform you that before the animals are killed, they are bred in legal farms and the farmers work according to a set of rules called ISO. Every single skin is produced by this way. Furriers don’t hunt and kill animals in the wild because the aren’t so many animals in the wild for this quantity of fur clothes that the people need to wear. Also, the fur is the most suitable way to keep our body warm especially in countries like USA ,Canada, Russia and many more. In addition, if we stop the fur production, then we must turn to faux fur which is made of 100% plastic which is the most harmful material for the environment and it doesn’t degrade whereas the natural fur it is sustainable and it can be recycled.To conclude, if we stop wearing fur, then millions of people will lose their job.

  7. Jennifer Greene says:

    I agree with what Council Speaker Corey Johnson said in the news segment: it’s a compassionate and ethical thing to do. Major fashion designers are deciding to go fur-free.
    (I also understand why Steve Cowit would be concerned about his business. Let’s help furriers transition from their current livelihood, to one that doesn’t cause needless harm to animals.)

  8. Amnon Vaserman says:

    Do the idiots that want to ban real fur know that faux fur takes 100 years to disintegrate, it is made of nylon that is polluting the environment second like all New Yorkers that want the green law that AOC will introduce and scare Amazon this people are not interested that furs are manufactured in China and many families have lost income in USA so for the idiots that want to ban fur it is better to be on welfare that work and have a income.

  9. Debby Eisemann says:

    Furs should have been banned many years ago. They are not a necessity for anyone. The animals are tortured with leghold traps, drowning sets, anal electrocution, some use decompression chambers. In addition the neglect and abuse of these beautiful animals is horrific. Too many people do not want to hear the truth. They prefer to ignore it. Pretend it does not exist. I posted facts on the Humans of NY facebook page and they immediately banned me with no explanation. Ignorance and inhumanity appear to be typical of too many people.

  10. Joanna Bak says:

    Ew, who still wears dead skin in 2019????? Those animals are tortured for people who want to show off how much money they got in their bank accounts. Its greedy, stupid, and selfish. Lets follow CA in banning fur sales. Countries in Europe are banning fur farms. This world is realizing how nasty and cruel it is to wear someones skin. These business owners should of seen this coming, their business was never going to last for this long. We’re no longer cavemen in survival mode. We are finding ethical sustainable ways to live.

  11. Joan Harrison says:

    Though I’m in favor of banning fur in New York, the loopholes in the proposed law make me nervous, and it wouldn’t go into effect until 2021.

  12. Jay Lyon says:

    The HYPOCRITES have spoke!

  13. Franz Lafranz says:

    You should be intelligent enough to know that first of all fur farmer don’t use traps and often furs are ” a hand-me-down ” from grandmothers.
    In so many ways it ticks the ‘politically correct’ box. It is a 100 per cent sustainable, renewable and biodegradable piece of vintage clothing that can be mended, reconditioned and recycled through three generations. it is an infinitely more responsible piece of clothing than any fake furs on the High Street.
    The same people who are nibbling on trendy vegan burgers and wearing ‘guilt-free’ vegan shoes to promote animal-friendly fashion and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, also choose fake fur over a real.This winter, our stores were full of these big, colourful ‘faux furs’ or ‘teddy coats’, all cute nicknames for what is essentially a giant cluster of man-made micro-fibres.
    In fact, according to a parliamentary inquiry into the fashion industry, it would be far more accurate to call them ‘plastic fur coats’, to make us realise exactly what we are buying…..what you call ALTERNATIVE FABRICS.That’s an awful lot of unbiodegradable polyester fibres that will eventually end up in landfill or be flushed into our oceans, endangering marine life. Hardly what you would call ‘animal-friendly’.So I will soldier on and wear my granny’s fur coat with pride. Moreover,this pressure resulted in the biggest names in fashion, including Gucci, Versace, Burberry and Armani, announcing that their collections would be fur-free and tons of morons truly believed it…..go on their e-commerce and you’ll se coat made with shearling etc….aren’t they furs?
    Go on and buy your fast and cheap fashion pieces to gap, zara, h&m and so on assembled in far east by an underpaid worker or even better, by a children that will last in your wardrobe the blink of an eye. Or spend thousands dollars buying plastic alternatives, your nephews are gonna eat your plastic alternatives in the fishes.
    If you ban fur let’s ban, silk,wool and meat all around the world and start dressing in juta grown by us in our fields.
    Try to be more conscious and get informations not only through those nazi-fascists of Peta and start to read the labels in the dress or coats you buy.
    Let people free to choose what they want to wear.

    1. death to animals is never justified. as for jobs then get an ethical job go to college or trade school.

    2. NO, no…you’re right….they ANALLY electrocute them usually! The others still DO catch wild ones in traps, then shoot or BEAT them to death….for nothing more than money! An FURHAG🤬🤬 that I see? I’ll always have something to say…

    3. Jennifer Greene says:

      Wondering if you saw this part of the bill, about used fur: “Subdivision two of this section shall not apply to the manufacture of any fur product using fur sourced exclusively from used fur products.”

      1. Jennifer Greene says:

        (I meant my comment above as a reply to Franz Lafranz.)

  14. Pauline Fuit says:

    killing animals is cruel and archaic. Mostly they are brutally killed with painful traps. There are so many alternative fabrics which can be used. Humans should be intelligent enough to cease using some poor animal’s skin for vanity.

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