NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The sentence for the man who shot a boy on his fifth birthday, is ten years in prison.

A stray bullet hit Jaheem Hunter outside a Bronx deli in 2017.

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Jaheem suffered brain damage, but has made amazing strides since the shooting. That’s little comfort for his family, who says the justice system failed him with Wednesday’s sentence.

“My kid is messed up for the rest of his life,” Charles Hunter, Jaheem’s father said.

Jaheem Hunter’s father, Charles after the sentencing of his son’s shooter. (Credit: CBS2)

It happened in June of 2017 at 167th Street and Washington Avenue. Prosecutors claim that 27-year-old Michael Quiles opened fire after an argument with men armed with knives.

“You should not have the right to shoot a gun off and shoot a baby,” grandmother Barbara Holmes said.

Jaheem Hunter (Credit: CBS2)

The charges against Quiles included attempted murder, but a Bronx jury acquitted him on that charge, and only convicted him of weapons possession.

In court, Quiles said he was sorry for what happened and the judge sentenced him to ten years in prison for the shooting.

Michael Quiles (Credit: CBS2)

“Ten years is not certainly not enough for the long-term pain and suffering that Jaheem and his family continue to endure,”
Bronx City Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson said.

The sentence was also not long enough for an apparently frustrated Bronx DA Darcel Clark, who wanted the max of 15 years.

The DA refused to speak with CBS2’s Dick Brennan following the sentencing.

The boy’s family says Jaheem is still recovering.

“He still has the plate in his head. He’ll have that the rest of his life and his short-term memory is not that great,” aunt Michelle Holmes added.

The struggle goes on for a little boy, two years after his fateful fifth birthday.

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  1. The real crime here is the lack of justice in the repeat violent offender’s wrong charge (attempted murder; even an amateur would know that that cannot be proven) light sentence, probably to be reduced to 3 1/2 years, and with early release he will be out to buy another gun from a drug dealer and then he can then try again.

    Government officials want these kind out on the streets.

  2. Terry Mi says:

    How in the world could the jury come back with that verdict.Obviously the crud was looking to do some serious damage to someone.Fact that he missed, and hit an unintended target, does not change his intent.

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