NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The measles outbreak is continuing to grow and has now hit the highest numbers in 25 years.

The CDC says anti-vaccine propaganda is fueling this outbreak.

CBS2’s Ali Bauman reports that some people on the other side of the anti-vaxxer argument are now spreading propaganda of their own.

Health officials have been tirelessly urging people to get the measles vaccine since the outbreak started in Brooklyn six months ago.

“People should follow what the CDC says and follow science and follow medicine and it’s a huge concern when people don’t,” one concerned New Yorker said.

As of Wednesday, there were 695 cases of measles across 22 states.

390 of those cases were in New York City, according to the CDC. Making this the largest and longest-lasting measles outbreak in the U.S. Since measles was eliminated in the country 19 years ago.


“Some of the outbreaks are not yet under control and so I do expect the numbers to rise,” CDC deputy director Dr. Anne Schuchat warned.

The health department says 83 percent of all the cases in New York City are in Williamsburg, but panic about the outbreak has spread beyond that neighborhood.

In Crown Heights, ominous warnings have been posted in the lobby of a 90-unit apartment building. Vaccinate for measles or “create a pandemic of insurmountable horror. Let history be our guide and never fail to repeat it.”

Measles warning posters found in Brooklyn apartments. (Credit: CBS2)

“Obviously it has no source or anything official,” Crown Heights resident Simcha Evanfinkelstein said.

Even though the signs are clearly not official, they’re labeled “warning from the CDC, in conjunction with Department of Health.”

Both agencies confirm they have nothing to do with the signs.

“Someone put it up and don’t make sense… Then you gonna have people in the building looking at other people like they have it,” local resident Stephanie Liquat added.

The CDC says official signs have its logo on them and “would reflect the agency’s long-standing positions on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.”


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