NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Do you know everything that your children are doing online?

Most teenagers have a smartphone, and many of them are finding their way onto the “dark web” through secret apps, reports CBS2’s Cindy Hsu.

Cyber security expert Lisa Good, author of Are Your Kids Naked Online: How To Protect Your Tech-Savvy Kids From Online Self-Destruction, shared some tips on telling is kids may be using a secret app.

1.) Hiding the screen, flipping the phone over or shaking the phone when a parent comes into the room is a sign the child may be using an “emergency closure” feature.

2.) Refusing to hand over their passwords or let parents look through their devices can be sign

3.) Having two or more of the same type of app installed could be a cover if one of those apps is not what it seems.

Good urges parents to trust but verify their children’s apps, check their devices for secret apps, use monitoring software and enable parental controls.

For more tips, see Good’s website at


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