BEDFORD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – There’s a heated debate over plans for a new firehouse in Westchester County.

(UPDATE, 10:35 p.m.) – Tuesday night, the community in Bedford chose to vote down the proposed firehouse by a slim 32-vote margin.

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Web Extra: See renderings of the firehouse

Firefighters in Bedford say things are cramped in their small firehouse.

“We have a firefighter that almost got run over months ago just because our trucks are so tight,” said Bedford Fire Department Chief Andrew Klein.

“We have space by current standards for two trucks, and we have six trucks in there,” said Chair of the Board of Fire Commissioners Heather Feldman. “We have no adequate ventilation systems to remove the carcinogens from the diesel fumes.”

Built in the 1920s and updated in the 1950s, the Bedford Fire Department now says they’ve outgrown the old building and they’re stuck with no space left to build. They say as itis they have have special, smaller fire engines built, since there’s a low door height.

On Tuesday, residents came through in a steady stream to vote on a $17.5 million municipal bond. It would pay for the construction of a new firehouse, not far from the old one, on a plot of land the Bedford Village Fire District bought in 2012.

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“There’s a lot of men who risk their lives, and you never know when you go out on a fire what’s going to happen to you. And I’m very proud of them, and I would do anything to support them,” said Bedford resident Mirash Dedvukha.

“People have to realize these people are volunteer firemen. They put their lives on the line every time they go out and fight a fire. Make sure they have the best equipment and best of everything,” said Bedford resident Jeff Doynow.

While there’s strong support for a new firehouse, there’s also strong opposition, with signs against it posted around town.

Web Extra: See renderings of the firehouse

“I think it’s the worst idea I’ve heard in a long time,” one Bedford resident told CBS2’s Alice Gainer.

If passed, the fire tax on residents in the fire district would double, but it’s not the money people Gainer spoke to were concerned about.

“I think that the solution they’ve arrived is much too overwhelmingly large,” Ellis Cousens told Gainer. “It’s imposing. A three story, three acre building a neighborhood… I think they do need a new firehouse, but Bedford has a lot of territory,”

The chief argues they’ve looked at land for years.

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“I wouldn’t tell a doctor how to do surgery. I’m a fire chief. I’m a firefighter. I’ll tell you how, what I think we need and then the professionals designed what we think we need,” Klein said.