NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Cirque du Soleil is in town, and if you’ve passed by Citi Field recently, you’ve seen the big top getting ready for opening night.

CBSN New York’s Vanessa Murdock got a look behind the scenes at “Luzia,” a waking dream of Mexico.

Performers soar, spin and stun in Luzia.

“Colors, traditions, art involved in the show, it’s amazing,” said performer Diana Ham.

Murdock met Ham in the artistic tent, with eye-catching costumes behind her and acrobats flipping through the air.

It’s no wonder Ham describes the experience as pure magic.

“When you first started, what surprised you the most?” Murdock said.

Russian contortionist Aleksei Goloborodko, of Canadian entertainment company Cirque Du Soleil, is pictured with his “Alebrije” costume, which he wears in the show “LUZIA” on Nov. 14, 2018. (credit: Omar Torres/AFP/Getty Images)

“Aleksei, the contortionist,” Ham replied.

Ham showed Murdock a little of what it takes to perform circus tricks on a pole. Ham’s strength, beauty and grace was awe-inspiring, Murdock reported.

Each act of “Luzia” transports you to a different place in Mexico, and the costumes play a pivotal role. There are 1,000 of them on stage every night, each handmade. Some examples include snakes, crocodile heads and hummingbird wings.

So many colors and textures at every turn.

“The show, I think, is a visual feast, for all the senses,” said swing 360 performer Kryzystof Holowenko. “I wouldn’t say it’s terrifying. It’s healthy excitement.”

That’s an emotion the audience is likely to experience frequently through the dazzling display of athleticism and artistry.

The performance is made possible by 115 people from 25 countries.

“Luzia” opens Friday and runs through June 9th.