Despite Her Ordeal, Tytianna Sparks Says She Loves Her Life And Can't Wait To Move Out Of The City To Somewhere More Quiet

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The young Brooklyn woman shot in the head while five months pregnant 20 months ago has broken her silence.

She told her story to CBS2’s Dave Carlin in an exclusive interview after police finally arrested the suspected gunman this week.

Tytianna Sparks was shot in the head on Sept. 10, 2017, and has since survived numerous surgeries. She learned how to speak again, and no longer needs a wheelchair to get around as she has gotten feeling back on her paralyzed right side.

“I love my life,” Sparks said. “It’s amazing. They saved me. I’m home with my baby.”

Baby Jaceon is energetic and healthy.

Sparks was five months pregnant with him when she was shot by a man who police spent more than a year and a half searching for.

The manhunt ended Thursday with the arrest of 37-year-old Steven Bynum, who police said was in a car driving by, firing at the window at someone else as Sparks was walking home from a Brownsville laundromat on Dean Street.

Tytianna Sparks (credit: CBS2)

Learning of the arrest brought Sparks some joy, she said, but she thinks it also triggered yet another of her massive headaches.

That’s just one of several ongoing struggles.

“My memory,” she said, adding when asked if she remembers being shot, “No, no.”

The challenges of recovery continue with a lot of therapy on that right side.

“I’m not a homebody. I don’t like it at home,” Sparks said.

One step at a time she gets outside as part of her recovery. She said she’s hoping to return to college, where she had been in her first year studying to become a health professional.

Her long-term goals include moving out of the city to someplace quieter.

“I want a house, a car and a job,” Sparks said.

She said she will go to court in the future to face the man who allegedly shot her and say, “Everybody who got guns, like, why y’all do what you y’all do?”

In July she’ll turn 21. She said she’s grateful to have her miracle baby, loving parents she says are always there, and a community helping her bounce back and get this second chance.

Police said a tip from a witness led them to Bynum.